Quick Start Challenge

What Quick Start Challenge means to me?

I have been on the Internet since 1998, and we are now in 2014, that is 16 years. Along with my business partner, we have had our own totally independent hosting company and a backup service for web masters who do not host with us since April 2005. There is also a managed WordPress service for the non technical and those that only want to worry about making posts and responding to comments, which is a new service that has been added this year.

You can see my Bio at http://bjrecommends.com/about-bjantiques/, and some more info at http://www.bjantiques.com/why-should-i-listen-to-bjantiques-2008-08-24/ , and I know you’re going to ask why am I following The Quick Start Challenge? Well, there are several reasons, the primary naturally being I want to expand my Hosting and Backup service client database.

One thing we must remember is that we can always learn something new from The Quick Start Challenge, something we can add to our arsenal of information, and that will help us sooner or later, hopefully sooner. A web site is nothing if it has no traffic. Most of my clients have come to me because either; I personally know them or because they recommended my services to their friends. So word of mouth plays a part in getting clients, but that is not enough on its own.

The Challenge we all face.

We all need targeted traffic, buyers, coming to our sites. I hope to learn some new, or should I say improved and finely honed methods of getting that targeted traffic to my sites, note I say, “targeted traffic.”

Targeted traffic means people already looking for the services you offer. Anyone can get hundreds of thousands of visitors which will get them into the top 100000 on Alexa. However, they are a waste of time if they are not buying. Through the Quick Start Challenge, I want to learn how to properly filter the visitors and send only those that are ready to buy. Naturally not all of them will buy, but if we can get a small percentage that does buy each day, then we are on a winner.

It is my personal feeling that the Quick Start Challenge will help not only myself but all the people taking part, no matter their level of experience. I see we have others like myself with experience, and I am sure that they, like me, will be happy to help the less experienced.

Bj aka Bjantiques aka LCWAdminBj.

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What is Your Security and Peace of Mind Worth?

One thing many of us do is use the same user id and password on every website. What we do not consider is that not every website is owned by a reliable person. There are unfortunately far too many network thieves out there. We really must think Security.

There is nothing to prevent us from using the same user id, but for security we must never use the same password. Before we proceed, let me explain how the scammers and fraudsters go to work.

They will set up a website, usually a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), but it could also be bubble games, cycler’s or any one of the numerous other types of programs that can be used to rip you off. To entice us to join and to get others to join as well, they offer unrealistic payout’s such as 12% for 12 days.

This would mean that if you put in $100, you would get $12 per day for 12 days giving you a return of $144 or a 44% clear profit. This is just one example. I have seen rates ranging up to 200%. They will offer miscellaneous investment options as well, such as 12 day, 30 day, 90 day, 180 day and even 12-month periods.

They will pay out to start with to make sure people post that they are getting paid. This will then encourage more investors. Once they begin to get a good amount of money in, they start claiming they are having server issues. Then one day they are gone, they do not answer support tickets, and the site vanishes.

Now they try to break your security.

They have not only done a runner with the money, but they have also taken the membership list with at least the user names, passwords, and email addresses, of those people that had signed up.

First, they can sell the address’s numerous times, thus giving them one illegal source of income they will have.

The second illegal practice they have is they go to different websites looking for the user names on their list. The instant they find one they immediately try the password they have. If the person on their list is a member and has used the same password the ripoff artist has instant access and can do whatever they want with your account.

The other primary target they will try is the email address, and if they can get in there with that password then you are in very serious trouble. They can change your password and lock you out while they go through your emails looking for anything that will help them get into your financial accounts like PayPal, Alertpay, SolidTrust, eWay, SagePay, BillPay and so on. They may even make a bee line for all these sites and try your information on a try it and see expedition.

These are vermin.

Now you are going to say, but I don’t go to such places, and I will believe you, but still we are all at risk from the random hackers. These are vermin who have spotted something about you, or something you have written that caught their eye. Alternatively, they trawl forums, social-networking sites, and so on looking for potential victims.

So how can we protect ourselves as much as possible and make it difficult for the hackers. The answer is you must use a different password on each site you have a user id and password for. Now the next thing you need to do is make very long and difficult passwords. This means they cannot be words that could be found in a dictionary.

They must not be things people could know about you, for example, your baby’s name and birth date or the names of sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, etc. I think, or at least hope that you get the idea.

Your password security.

So next question is “So what can I use as a password”? Well, I regret this is where it gets a bit difficult, but not impossible. It is not the production of the passwords but the keeping track of them that is the difficult part. You see, if you want to be as safe as possible, then you need passwords around 15 to 20 characters long, and as I said earlier, they cannot be words from any dictionary no matter the language.

The makeup of the password must consist of the letters A to Z, a to z, the numbers 0 to 9 and some characters such as !£ $ % & * ( ) _ + @ ~ < > ? – [ ] # / ^.

Here are four examples of good passwords,





I have been using an outstanding piece of software for around 10 years, and I would be lost without it. Before one of my friends told me about it, I was using the same password on the different sites, and yes I was hacked and lost some earnings from a program I was a member of.

That was enough for me. I signed up and paid for Roboform without a single hesitation. You see my adviser was someone who had earned my trust, and I was prepared to follow his advice. Those of you that already know me I hope will trust my advice and will follow it.

Click on this Roboform link and go get it but make sure you get the Desktop 7 version as it is currently a one-time fee, The Everywhere is a yearly fee.

Get Your copy of Roboform and you can then have peace of mind knowing you are doing your best to make it difficult for the hackers.

What Bj is going to recommend to you.

As I mentioned I have been on the Internet since 1998, and that means I have seen a lot of different programs such as the various M.L.M. ( Multi Level Marketing ) programs Doubler’s Tripler’s, Cycler’s Randomizer’s, H.Y.I.P.’s and so on and these in numerous variations based on the central theme of the individual programs. NO  you will not see anything like that on my blogs or sites.

It is also not going to be a blog stuffed full of tools, software, services, and programs that i will chance my  arm and try to make a buck on just for the sake of making a buck. There are far too many blogs like that around as it is, and I have to say I would not spend my money at any of them.

Now having said that I should make sure that you understand that I am trying to make a little income. Some of the things I will be offering to you will be free, others will cost, but what you can rest assured of is that ALL of them will have been tried and tested by me personally and used by myself and many of my contacts.

I will be looking at items to take care of security, both for the Personal Computer as well as websites. File Transfer Protocol software ( ftp software for short ) to upload files to your site server. Blog plugins that I use and find give me a certain peace of mind that they are reasonably safe and if not they will tell me. I will also look and many more tools and software.

Yes, I want income BUT I want you to spend your hard-earned money on things that will give you real value for money and , I will do my utmost to see you are getting the best bang for your buck as the saying goes.

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I recommend you checkout each item as I do before deciding if I find it of use to me personally or not. Remember Internet Safety and Security at all times.